L.U.N.A. Reflections Inc’s motto is “Empowering Girls & Women to BE Their Greatest Possibility” and we strongly stand by this cause. Lately, L.U.N.A. has been working to empower women too. Covid has taken its toll on us in many ways, social-emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically. In an effort to shed the ills that Covid has caused we are working to restore our motto in women this year. We have started networking with women who have bonded with us to uplift, encourage, support, enlighten, and empower the women we come in contact with. I’m happy to introduce you to them because they are a part of the L.U.N.A. sisterhood!

Kassie Alnwick: My relationship with Kassie started in 1986 when we became student-athletes at Wagner College. We entered our freshman season as the “big girls” in the paint. We enjoyed our time at Wagner as NEC Champions and then went on to live our lives meeting up only at alumni events. A couple of years ago we reconnected on a higher level and have been in constant contact and each other’s biggest fans to guide people to their greatest possibility. We’re so glad to have her as part of our sisterhood!

Kassie a.k.a. The “Wicked Warrior” is an intuitive speaker, life coach, Reiki Master, Author, and Former International Athlete. Specializing in guiding and teaching empowerment, wellness and self-mastery for more than 25 years. She works with women in many capacities and all of them lead to empowering them to blossom into all they are meant to be. https://kassiealnwick.com/

Pamela Robinson: My relationship with Pamela started back 2000. I was an assistant coach at a local college and I was recruiting her to come play for the team. She was a dynamic and explosive guard. I loved watching her play! She always gave her all. That’s how she lives her life, focused, disciplined and passionately. It’s a blessing to have her be a part of our sisterhood.

Pamela is an intuitive woman who is winning the battle over MS and works to enrich the lives of others. She’s a speaker, author and inspirational woman. (click here)

Michelle Anglisano: I met Michelle when we both were hired to be special education teachers at Walt Whitman HS in 2001. Michelle is energetic, creative and spiritual. Her students love her and her commitment to their success. In the past five years we have connected to bring Mindfulness to the district and provide strategies to enrich the social-emotional health of students and staff. She created a Mindfulness room at her school building and incorporates mindful activities that her students have benefitted from.

Michelle is a teacher, holistic meditation coach, and author. She has partnered with Kristen McDermott and created The Zen Den. Together they provide mindfulness meditations and practices for people to live healthy and present lives. (click here)

Kristen McDermott: Like MIchelle, Kristen and I met when she was hired as a special education teacher at Walt Whitman HS. Kristen and I connected immediately. She’s a sweet and genuine person. She is another creative and passionate teacher. She’s a true giver and all or her students and friends adore her. She jumped on board of the Mindfulness committee that I created and has incorporated mindfulness strategies in her daily routine as a teacher and personally.

Kristen is a teacher, holistic meditation coach, and the other half of The Zen Den
Facebook- zendenmk

Vallori Thomas: I met Vallori when I joined Momentum Education back in 2012. Momentum awakened L.U.N.A. in me and introduced me to some amazing people. Vallori was a lead instructor by the time I graduated leadership. She has worked as a “Possibilitirian” and has inspired people all over the globe!

Vallori is the founder of WOW Coaching and Consulting. She facilitates corporate trainings as well as adult and youth leadership development programs. In addition, she leads purpose-centered excursions to exotic places around the world. (click here)